Building Awesome Products
in San Diego




Matt Goldman


Joelle Steiniger


Founded in 2012 on an inordinate appreciation for brilliant products, and the deeply held belief that small is better, Small HQ is anything but just another product company. The common thread between our products, is that each is data-driven, beautiful, and refreshingly simple.

More importantly than what we do, is how we choose do it. We don't just build products. We've become sponges—and we've become loud-speakers. We believe deeply in sharing knowledge that helps elevate our entire industry.

So we blog openly and transparently about our struggles and successes in building and growing SaaS products. We share our interviews with some of the world's best entrepreneurs on our podcast. We're co-authoring a book to teach people exactly what to do to launch a successful product.

We live and breathe this stuff. And eat it for breakfast too. And then wash it down with a few IPAs.